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  1. With innovation nowadays considered as perquisite to success and gaining sustainable competitive advantage, design has become a key tool for growth and value creation in organisations.

    • Business leaders highly experienced in running their current ventures may suddenly struggle to articulate their new vision and express it in a way aligned with the new audience. 
    • Business leaders who have customer's success is at the heart of their business, wonder how to best match customer needs with identified opportunities
    • For many companies there is a chasm where even active use of design does not automatically lead to development of Design Management skills - their innovative output stagnates despite conscious efforts to improve it

    Successful innovation and its promise of competitive success is no easy feat.
    I'm curious if you (or someone you know) can relate?

  2. Journey

    Through my MSc degree and in my career I discovered a passion for strategic design and research as well as growing the impact of design-led innovation and building design capability in organisations.

    At the end of last year I made the move from designing cocktail equipment to organisational problem solving within the utilities sector. I’m now an in-house innovation consultant. 

    Whilst I'm super excited about this new journey I can't help but wonder how it can be even better than I can imagine...