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Through my MSc degree and in my career I discovered a passion for strategic design and research as well as growing the impact of design-led innovation and building design capability in organisations.

At the end of last year I made the move from designing cocktail equipment to organisational problem solving within the utilities sector. I’m now an in-house innovation consultant. 

Whilst I'm super excited about this new journey I can't help but wonder how it can be even better than I can imagine...

  • .... if I can pursue my interests, in parallel to my job, to continue learning, researching to publish my findings and to be a part of design-led innovation community.
  • ... to perhaps one day reconcile the artistic, design and innovation parts of my expertise into a cohesive whole.
  • .... if I can create something of my own (with a long term-goal and permission to take my time experimenting).  

I am hoping that through this programme I will be able to frame my offer clearly, and begin the journey to building a business proposition of my own and to learn more about entrepreneurial mindset as a woman.

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