Combining discovery and creativity to shape and realize projects, products and processes.

Create the change you want and need

Change is scary for businesses, because of what's at stake, because of the conflicting demands, the frustrating ambiguity. But there are processes and tools which you can apply, when moving out of your comfort zone, gaining clarity and confidence in how to skilfully navigate the path towards growth and success.

Hi, I'm Dorota. I help you get more clarity, confidence and creativity to bring your business ideas to life.

I'm an Innovation Consultant and Designer. The essence of my process focuses on extracting and structuring ideas to elevate their potential by playing to your unique strengths and the real needs of your audience to identify your distinct market niche.

Through this process of discovery and creativity you can crystallise your vision, shape a unique value proposition, and craft a relatable message.

My work

Design: Product & Research

Premium gold plated coktail strainers


Design and Innovation Capability Audit  Presentation at R&D Management Conference at Politecnico di Milano in 2018