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With innovation nowadays considered as perquisite to success and gaining sustainable competitive advantage, design has become a key tool for growth and value creation in organisations.

  • Business leaders highly experienced in running their current ventures may suddenly struggle to articulate their new vision and express it in a way aligned with the new audience. 
  • Business leaders who have customer's success is at the heart of their business, wonder how to best match customer needs with identified opportunities
  • For many companies there is a chasm where even active use of design does not automatically lead to development of Design Management skills - their innovative output stagnates despite conscious efforts to improve it

Successful innovation and its promise of competitive success is no easy feat.
I'm curious if you (or someone you know) can relate?

Maybe you feel like you can't articulate your thoughts and express them in a tangible way aligned with  the lifestyle of your audience?
Maybe you want, but are not sure how, to explore a customer-led perspective of your technological proposition.
Maybe you are not sure of the value design is adding (or can add) to your business…perhaps there is low confidence in its impact.
Maybe you struggle with resource constraints and nature of the problems tackled.

…or maybe you are a female business leader wondering how you could use design to improve your competitiveness.

I feel there is an opportunity for design-led approach to help business leaders in overcoming the chasm of discovering, building and realising their organisations' innovative ambitions so that they can unlock value and build competitive advantage.


How might we understand what we want the identified opportunity to really be like? 
How might we express and visualise it?
How might we leverage our unique strengths?
How might we understand out current capabilities to identify key points of leverage?
How might we anticipate our customers needs?

For design to effectively enable this, it must be present on three levels within an organisation: strategic, tactical, operational.

I'd love your feedback and perspective as I explore how design practice can really help businesses innovate... If you're interested in overcoming strategic, user insight or capability barriers currently holding you back through design, and you're a business leader engaging in articulating and expressing strategic vision, connecting uncovered opportunities with user needs, or perhaps are interested in intersections of disciplines and would like to improve your innovation performance.

Please get in touch to schedule to share your feedback, either in a 20 minute call or couple of back-and-forth via email - I'm prototyping in a few rounds from this week onwards.

Thank you!


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