Mitchell & Cooper Ltd Brand Identity

Brand identity refresh for a company specialising in design, manufacture and distribution of light catering equipment products for professional use.

Project Overview


2017 – To refresh and modernise the brand whilst retaining the sense of heritage and trust.

2019 – to create anniversary branding to promote 140 Years’ celebrations of the company. 


Retain blue as the brand colour.

Bring the brand design in line with requirements of digital media through responsive logo. 

Success Metrics

Modernised character – simplified silhouette gives the logo a sleeker, more current appearance.

Versatility and flexibility of use across a range of media. 

Final Logo Designs

The final logo consists of the ‘M&C’ symbol and wordmark in vibrant blue colour and sans serif font. The three logos comprise one identity.

  • The full logo is intended to be used as a stand alone mark.
  • Above Text Logo – to be used when logo is placed directly above text or other artwork for a more balanced composition.

  • M&C Logomark – offers brand visibility within size constraints. To be used on social media and when space is a constraint.

  • While blue was retained as the brand colour, the addition of red tones make the logo more vibrant and distinguishable even among busy content.

  • M&C Logo-02
  • M&C-blue-02
  • M&C Logo-2-02
  • M&C Logo-2-Blue-02
  • M&C Logomark-02
  • M&C Logomark-Blue-02

    Clear Space

    Colour Palette

    M&C Colour Palette

    Vibrant Blue and white, with a hint of grey form the colour palette.

    • The core brand colour is the M&C Blue which is complimented by White and Light Grey.
    • The Light Grey is to be used sparingly.


    M&C Typography

    Avenir is the M&C typeface.

    • Avenir HEavy – Headers, Titles, Highlights.
    • Avenir Light – Sub headers, body copy.
    • Unicode 2713 – Checkmark, used in bulleted text.

    Legacy Branding

    Overview of logos used by the company in the past. From top –  logotype and brand colour, to designs used between 1980-2016.

    M&C Legacy Branding

    Brand Identity In Use

    Framed textboxes, bright and clean photography, light  vignettes and textures.

    • Front Cover
    • Spread_2
    • Spread_3
    • Spread_6

      140th Anniversary Branding

      The anniversary logo was created to emphasise the long heritage of the company.

      • The M&C Logomark grounds the anniversary logo in company’s brand identity. 
      • Double Ampersand incorporated in the ‘140’ figure intends to bring connotations of the infinity symbol.
      • Font pairing –Freight Sans font used in ‘140’ number adds subtlety in combination with Avenir. 
      M&C 40th Anniversary Branding

      Embossing and gold foil on a rich navy card intend Communicate the rich heritage and quality.

      Catalogue’s chapter covers pictured company’s history. The historical timeline’s is also communicated with the linear graphical elements on the pages. 

      M&C 140 Years Catalogue Cover
      M&C Catalogue