Sustainable Income Model

Design Research & Business Model Innovation

Context & Objective

Cause 2 Create is a Not for Profit Organization (NPO) founded as a platform for creative people to lend their talents and passions to good causes, supporting third sector organisations. It was founded following discovery of a need of people wanting to do more than just give money. As such the company’s aim is to use creativity in a positive way in order to transform ideas into action and create change.

The project's objective was to develop a sustainable income model to support the work of the core team and activities to enable Cause 2 Create to thrive as a business minded, socially conscious NPO. Cause 2 Create were keen to explore CSR and membership structures. 

Cause 2 Create


Working as part of a team of 3 designer-researchers with combined background in Design and Business and Entrepreneurship, the project encompassed:

  • Research to understand the ecosystem and socio-cultural context.
  • Concept development and prototyping using Business Model Canvas.
  • Final solution presented using Problem-Solution-Roadmap framework, Business Model Canvas and User Journey. 

Exploring Context

Research to understand the ecosystem and
socio-cultural context, including:

  • Social Enterprise Business Models
  • Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Shared Value and Social Enterprises
  • CSR – definition, types, categories, impact on business.
  • Volunteer and membership schemes
  • Creative industry trends
  • Teaching CSR in Higher Education
  • Sustainability Education
  • Career Opportunities in CSR 
  • Offering Value: Mentorship Research, Public Speaking and Personal Development

Global Trends & Their Relation to the Brief

Global Trends
  • MoF_3
  • MoF_2
  • MoF_1

    Map of Offering – Early ideation; Consideration of multiple stakeholder perspectives:

    • Third Sector company (C2C)
    • Individual Volunteer
    • Creative businesses in need of CSR

    The Creative Individual - Empathy Map

    Global Trends

    Problem-Solution-Roadmap Framework – Concept Refinement

    Problem Solution Roadmap Exercise

    Final Solution

    Final concept was presented using Journey Map,  Business Model Canvas and Research Poster. 

    Research Poster
    Journey Map