Bonzer® Rolls & Aprons

Set of rolls and aprons beautifully crafted from quality eather and waxed cotton. Developed with input from bartenders to offer practical features. Designed for ease of bespoke branding. 

Project Overview


Targeted at professional barmen and drinks brands who take pride in their equipment and enjoy showcasing the latest additions to their toolkits.

To provide complete solutions to the trade.


Establishing a reliable supply chain.

Balancing functionality, premium look and target cost.

Materials selection: stain resistant, durable, premium look.

Success Metrics

Surpassed Performance and Product Attributes.

Customised sets sold to a number of renowned drinks brands.

Capability to design and supply leather and fabric goods.

Bonzer Rolls and Aprons

Design & Development

Roll's concept development involved 8 design and 5 prototype iterations. Apronsdesign went through 4 iterations. All prototypes were tested with professional barmen. 

Bonzer Roll
Bonzer Waxed Canvas Roll and Apron
Bonzer Leather Roll and Apron

Roll Bags – Product Features & User Needs

Variety of Slots and Pockets

Good size holding up to 21 tools. Flexible to accommodate a range of tools needed for different events’ menus. Universal slots mean tools can be packed away quickly after a busy shift. 

Wipe-clean Leather and Waxed Canvas

Durable and easy to clean fabrics because events often have no running water.

Design details, UK-made, Bonzer® Brand

Combines fashion and style with ease of use and durability. UK made in high quality materials. 

No Open Ends, Adjustable Cross Body Strap

Easy to travel with, whilst having other luggage as spirits, syrups and bulkier items go in a backpack. Tools need to be held securely inside the roll so that they don’t fall out in the street or at the airport getting damaged, lost or delaying travel.

Bonzer Apron Straps
Bonzer Waxed Canvas Apron
Bonzer Leather Apron

Aprons – Product Features & User Needs

Adjustable neck strap. Long waist straps to fit many body shapes.

Comfortable to wear both when moving a lot during the shift and when kneel down whilst restocking.

Bib style, below knee length.

Protection from the wet surfaces and spillages in an often  limited space behind the bar.

Water and dirt repellent, wipe clean materials. Gain character with use.

The bartender needs the fabrics to be durable and low maintenance because they are busy and working very late shifts which means they would hate to have to wash the apron frequently but still need to ensure he presents best appearance to the customers.

3 Pockets and a Utility Loop.

Bartenders need large, secure and versatile pockets to hold tools because they work in a fast-pace environment.

Customised Roll Bags

Moet Hennessy Roll Bag
Kraken Roll Bag
Gentleman Jack Roll BAg