Free session – How to master implementing change with awe, not fear?

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I've been speaking to a lot of small business leaders who wish to move out of their comfort zone but are frustrated by the inherent ambiguities of the process… How do you, as a small business leader, hone in on opportunities and navigate the tension between the old and the new to create the change you want and need?


 Can you relate?  Maybe you're...

  • Feeling afraid of change but deep down know it's what you need to do in order to grow and succeed
  • Resisting change because of what's at stake
  • Feeling conflicted, under pressure from competitors but wanting to do things differently...authentically to you and your audience
  • Doubting you got to the heart of what really needs to be solved
  • Under pressure to deliver on your great strategy but are overwhelmed by the ambiguity or the detail ... not sure why what you are doing isn't working
  • Disappointed by not getting the engagement and alignment you hoped for to drive the results

Imagine instead…

  • You are able to skilfully navigate a turning point as business to build growth and competitive advantage. 
  • You and your team can confidently take exciting ideas into action whilst mitigating risks and developing new capabilities. 
  • You expertly discover your audience's real needs, crafting an offer that truly resonates and helps you gain leadership within your category. 
  • You identify hidden barriers within your business and gain clarity on how to overcome these over time and build on your distinctive strengths. 

Try it ...

I'm starting to define and focus my project on helping small businesses learn skills and overcome resistance related to moving out of their comfort zone which include:

  • Synthesizing, expressing and validating innovation strategy.
  • In-depth customer engagement to uncover real, deep-seated needs.
  • Iterative and incremental implementation techniques in practice.
  • Clarity and guidance on how to grow internal capabilities to implement change.

I'm offering free sessions until 24th March, based on my 8+ years design experience and MSc in Innovation Management. Please leave a comment or send a message if you identify as a small business and wish to get involved. I will follow up with opportunities for a meeting or a call.


  • A small business leader (manager, lead, director)
  • Curious 
  • Willing to experiment and try something new
  • Wanting to tackle more open problems
  • Wanting to invest in learning
  • Wanting to collaborate

You're not...

  • Just looking for basic, direct execution of your problem 
  • Annoyed by reflection
  • Annoyed by iteratively planning and taking action
  • More often close-minded than not

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